Food Bank

The Food Banking cause within The Ilahi Foundation of Canada focuses on operating a food bank to address the needs of individuals and families facing food insecurity. With the aim of assisting the less privileged communities, the foundation endeavors to provide essential food supplies to those who are in need. By collecting donations, the foundation seeks to alleviate hunger and promote well-being among vulnerable populations. 

Through their efforts, The Ilahi Foundation of Canada strives to ensure that everyone has access to nutritious meals and support those facing challenging circumstances.

Why Do We Do This?

Food insecurity in Pakistan is a result of various interconnected factors. Firstly, high poverty rates and unequal distribution of resources contribute to limited access to nutritious food. Many individuals and families lack the financial means to afford an adequate quantity and quality of food. Pakistan is also vulnerable to natural disasters, including floods, droughts, and earthquakes, which often disrupt agricultural activities and lead to food shortages. Climate change further exacerbates these issues by affecting crop yields and increasing the frequency and intensity of extreme weather events. Additionally, inadequate infrastructure and transportation networks, particularly in rural areas, hinder the efficient distribution of food from surplus regions to deficit areas, further exacerbating food insecurity.

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How Do We Carry This Out?

The Ilahi Foundation adopts a proactive approach to food banking by directly engaging with wholesalers to source food supplies. By establishing direct contacts, the Foundation can negotiate favorable deals and ensure a steady supply of essential food items for their initiatives. To effectively assist underprivileged families, The Ilahi Foundation implements a screening process. They use a comprehensive survey to identify and select the families most in need of food support. This targeted approach helps ensure that resources are directed towards those who require assistance the most, maximizing the impact of their food banking efforts.The Foundation recognizes the importance of community participation and support. Hence, they are open to accepting both Sadaqa (voluntary charity) and Zakat (obligatory alms) donations. This inclusive approach enables individuals and organizations to contribute to the cause according to their beliefs and means, fostering a sense of collective responsibility in addressing food insecurity.