Stories Of Encouragement

We believe that every story matters

While we receive a lot of appreciation and praise for our efforts, there are some words that weigh a lot more than others. We have just shared a few testimonials below that we have received over the years; stories of those individuals who we have had the privilege to assist and those that continuously encourage us to build on our achievements every single day!

It is my earnest prayer that The Ilahi Foundation of Canada remains a perpetual charity (Sadaqa Jariyah) for my parents, future generations, and the entire Muslim Ummah.
Umm Ebrahim
"I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to The Ilahi Foundation for being my beacon of hope during some of the toughest times in my life. As a single mom, I faced numerous challenges, but with their support, my life took a transformative turn. The Ilahi Foundation not only provided me with the resources and financial assistance I needed to start my catering business, but their guidance and encouragement helped me gain many loyal customers. As my catering business flourished, I decided to further expand my horizons by learning tailoring skills. The Ilahi Foundation stepped in once again, providing me with a sewing machine, which allowed me to establish another business. Today, I am not only financially independent but also able to provide a better future for my family."
Sister Afsheen TIFC Recipient
"As a new immigrant to Canada, a divorced woman, and the sole provider for my parents and siblings, I faced numerous challenges. During this difficult time, the Ilahi Foundation came into my life like a ray of hope. They not only provided essential financial assistance but also took the time to understand my unique situation. Their support has been a lifeline, enabling me to navigate the complexities of my new life and continue my journey towards a brighter future. I am truly grateful for their compassion and assistance."
Sister Tamanith TIFC Recipient
“It is confirmed that The Ilahi Foundation has been providing financial assistance to the needy children of Ishraq Schooling System from time to time such as: students uniforms, textbooks and notebooks, as well as provision of drinking water. Apart from this, the maintenance of the School has always been supported by The Ilahi Foundation where needed. We as the School Management are grateful to The Ilahi Foundation and pray that Allah Ta’ala gives double progress and blessings in the practical work of this foundation.”
Br. Faheem Razzak Director, Ishraq Schooling System
"I am incredibly thankful to The Ilahi Foundation for the life-changing support they have provided me. They not only taught me valuable sewing skills, which allowed me to start my own business and become financially independent, but they also extended their care to my disabled son, offering him the assistance and resources he needed. During challenging times, when putting food on the table was a struggle, The Ilahi Foundation stepped in with food rations, ensuring my family's basic needs were met."
Sister Tasneem TIFC Recipient
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