International Projects

The Ilahi Foundation is dedicated to impactful international initiatives, ranging from empowering women and establishing food banks to providing winter relief, advancing Islamic education, ensuring clean water access, and distributing Qurbani. These endeavors unite to uplift global communities by addressing crucial needs and catalyzing positive change on a profound scale.
Group of muslim students using and learning with computer.

Women Empowerment

Educated Women

Evolved Society

It all starts with providing education to women. 

Women Empowerment is one of the key goals of The Ilahi Foundation of Canada. We have been working hard to provide a platform to women in the underprivileged areas of Pakistan where they can learn, grow, and become financially independent and hence support their families and improve the quality of their lives. 

Food Bank

The Food Banking cause within The Ilahi Foundation of Canada focuses on operating a food bank to address the needs of individuals and families facing food insecurity. With the aim of assisting the less privileged communities, the foundation endeavors to provide essential food supplies to those who are in need. By collecting donations:
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Winter Relief Mission

Winter Kits

Warmth Drive

How brutal is the winter season? Ask those who do not have a roof over their heads or those who are struggling to meet their basic needs.

One cannot imagine how homeless people sleep on sidewalks on the streets of Pakistan in winters. With the generous support of our donors, every year our organization holds an annual winter drive through which we distribute winter kits among the needy. These winter kits include essential clothing, blankets and food items to keep the less fortunate warm and cozy during the harsh winter season.

Clean Water

The Ilahi Foundation undertook a remarkable project in Pakistan called Sabeel-e-Rehmat. This initiative aimed to address the dire lack of clean water in a poverty-stricken community, where access to clean drinking water had been an ongoing challenge.
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Qurbani (Meat Donation)

Faithful Sharing

Qurbani Blessings

There are thousands of less fortunate people who wait the entire year as they only get to enjoy meat on Eid Ul Adha when Qurbani is done on a mass level worldwide.

To facilitate Muslims living in the West with the religious practice of Qurbani, The Ilahi Foundation of Canada organizes Qurbani services in Pakistan. This service offers a convenient and accessible way for individuals to fulfil their religious duty while ensuring that the meat reaches those who are most in need.

Islamic Education

The Ilahi Quran Academy is an institution dedicated to the study and teachings of the Quran, the Holy book of Islam. It strives to provide a nurturing environment for young girls to deepen their knowledge of the Quran and strengthen their connection with Allah.
Beautiful Muslim girl in hijab teaching kids to read Quran in mosque

Student Sponsorships

Student Success

Bright Futures

We believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty.

Through the generosity of individual and organizational sponsors, we aim to provide deserving students with the resources they need to pursue their academic dreams. By partnering with The Ilahi Foundation of Canada’s Student Sponsorship Project, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of deserving students. Together, we can break barriers and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Emergency Disaster Relief

Established with the vision of providing aid, support, and relief to those in need, the foundation's emergency relief projects have proven to be essential in times of crisis.