Winter Relief Mission

How brutal the winter season is, ask those who do not have a roof over their heads or those who are struggling to meet their basic needs. One cannot imagine how homeless people sleep on sidewalks on the streets of Pakistan in winters. With the generous support of our donors, every year our organization holds an annual winter drive through which we distribute winter kits among the needy. These winter kits include essential clothing, blankets and food items to keep the less fortunate warm and cozy during the harsh winter season. Our 2021 Winter drive was held in Tharparkar. Tharparkar is a district in the province of Sindh, Pakistan. It has the lowest Human Development Index rating of all the districts in Sindh. Our team distributed over 150 winter kits to the needy residents of Tharparkar.

Why Do We Do This?

The Ilahi Foundation organizes annual winter drives with a specific focus on remote areas in Pakistan that experience severe winter conditions. These drives aim to provide essential support and relief to communities facing hardships during the harsh winter months. The foundation recognizes that remote areas often lack access to basic necessities and adequate resources to cope with extreme cold weather. Therefore, they strategically target these regions to address the unique challenges faced by the residents.


How Do We Carry This Out?

The winter drives conducted by The Ilahi Foundation encompass various initiatives:

  1. Distribution of Warm Clothing: The foundation collects donations of warm clothing, including coats, sweaters, hats, gloves, socks, and blankets. These items are then distributed among the residents of remote areas. The warm clothing helps protect individuals, particularly vulnerable populations such as children and the elderly, from the cold weather and its associated health risks.
  2. Provision of Heating Equipment: The foundation also focuses on providing heating equipment such as gas heaters, electric heaters, and fuel for heating purposes. These essential items offer a means for families to stay warm and comfortable in their homes during freezing temperatures.
  3. Emergency Food Supplies: The winter drives may include the distribution of emergency food supplies, such as dry ration packs or ready-to-eat meals. These provisions help ensure that families have access to nutritious food even when weather conditions hamper their ability to obtain supplies.
  4. Healthcare and Medical Support: In some cases, the foundation may organize medical camps or mobile healthcare units to provide healthcare services and essential medical support to remote areas. This helps address health issues exacerbated by the cold weather and limited access to healthcare facilities.