Student Sponsorship

Through the generosity of individual and organizational sponsors, we aim to provide deserving students with the resources they need to pursue their academic dreams. By partnering with The Ilahi Foundation of Canada’s Student Sponsorship Project, you can play a vital role in shaping the future of deserving students. Together, we can break barriers and pave the way for a brighter tomorrow.

Why Do We Do This?

We believe that education is the key to unlocking opportunities and breaking the cycle of poverty. Our Student Sponsorship Project is a powerful initiative designed to support low-income families by sponsoring their children’s education.


How Do We Carry This Out?

Identification of Deserving Students

We collaborate closely with local communities, schools, and educational institutions to identify students who face financial hardships but show exceptional dedication to their studies. We look for academic achievers who are eager to learn but lack the means to access quality education.

Matching with Sponsors

¬†Once we identify deserving students, we reach out to compassionate sponsors who are willing to make a difference in a child’s life. Sponsors can choose to support an individual student or contribute to a collective fund that helps multiple students.

Financial Support

Our sponsors contribute a predetermined amount or pledge to cover specific educational expenses, such as school fees, textbooks, uniforms, transportation, and other essentials required for a successful academic journey. We ensure that every donated dollar directly benefits the sponsored students’ educational needs.

Empowering Educational Opportunities

With the financial burden eased, sponsored students can focus on their studies without distraction. They gain access to better educational resources, which opens doors to improved academic performance and future opportunities.