To facilitate Muslims living in the West with the religious practice of Qurbani, The Ilahi Foundation of Canada organizes Qurbani services in Pakistan. This service offers a convenient and accessible way for individuals to fulfill their religious duty while ensuring that the meat reaches those who are most in need.

Why Do We Do This?

The Sunnah of Qurbani came into existence when Prophet Ibrahim A.S. saw a dream in which he was asked by Allah SWT to sacrifice his most beloved possession. Since he loved his son Prophet Ismail A.S. the most, he was all set to sacrifice him for his Lord but right at that moment, Allah SWT replaced Prophet Ismail A.S. with a ram. Qurbani teaches us a lesson about sincere intentions and brings us closer to Allah. It is a beautiful Sunnah from the Islamic history which Muslims around the globe commemorate every year on Eid ul Adha. 

This sacrificial practice is not easily doable in Western countries as one has to buy an animal, raise it for a few days till he/she develops that bond with it and then sacrifice it in the name of Allah. In order to make this ritual easy for Muslims living in the West, The Ilahi Foundation of Canada carries out Qurbani services in Pakistan and other under-developed countries. Anyone who wants to do Qurbani can easily choose the type of animal (Cow sharing/Goat), make the relevant payment and fulfill this religious duty with peace of mind. The cost of sharing is variable as it is based on the market rate each year. It is not only convenient, but it also ensures that the meat is provided to the most deserving people.

There are thousands of less fortunate people who wait the entire year as they only get to enjoy meat on Eid Ul Adha when Qurbani is done on a mass level worldwide.


How Do We Carry This Out?

The Ilahi Foundation offers two methods of fulfilling Qurbani:
  1. Waqf Qurbani: In this method, participants contribute to a collective Qurbani, known as a Waqf. The meat from the sacrificed animal is then distributed entirely to underprivileged people in need. This approach ensures that the meat reaches those who may not have regular access to it, providing them with an opportunity to enjoy this special occasion and receive nourishment. By organizing Waqf Qurbani, The Ilahi Foundation maximizes the impact of the Qurbani initiative by pooling resources together and targeting communities or areas where the need is greatest. This method reflects the spirit of sharing and selflessness during the festive occasion of Eid ul-Adha.
  2. Participant Distribution: The second method provided by The Ilahi Foundation allows participants to receive 50% of the meat from their Qurbani and personally distribute it to the people of their choice. After the Qurbani is performed, the participants are given the meat, and they have the freedom to share it with family, friends, neighbors, or individuals in need. This method empowers individuals to take direct responsibility for distributing the Qurbani meat in a manner they deem appropriate. It allows for personal connections and engagement with the beneficiaries, providing an opportunity to share the blessings of Qurbani with their own communities or individuals they have identified as deserving.
Both methods offered by The Ilahi Foundation of Canada cater to different preferences and priorities of participants. The Waqf Qurbani ensures a centralized approach to maximize the impact of meat distribution among underprivileged communities, while the participant distribution method empowers individuals to personally connect with beneficiaries and make a difference in their own circles of influence.